Bunga Raya Island Resort, Sabah, Malaysia


Bunga Raya Island Resort


Have a fun yet tranquil day at Gayana. Kayak through emerald waters. Explore awe-inspiring mangroves. Catch a sight of Hornbills perched on century old trees. Trek through thick jungles bursting with butterflies, birds, cicadas, and endless flora. Dive into ocean treasures or sunbathe afloat its waters as you smile at happy seahorses, and gigantic clams. Whatever you choose, allow us to keep you entertained.


As the sound of the waves and birds fade, and the rhythm of consistent breathing puts you in a state of relaxation, be awed by the warm waters down under. Watch and feel schools of exotic fish envelope you as you swim entranced by their grace and beauty. Home to sea turtles, clown fish, marbled stingray, giant groupers, coral fish, bamboo sharks, titan Triggerfish, and barracudas, it is no wonder that the reefs of Borneo continually attracts divers from all continents.

Unlike most resorts, no license is required for diving at Gayana. This is because specially trained PADI certified instructors would be there to guide you every step of the way. We provide all guests with a diving kit that is complete with sun-block and an underwater camera. All new divers would be first taken to the swimming pool where they would undergo a comprehensive briefing and training for their safety.

Gayana is the ultimate diving destination as its exclusivity characterizes every part of its service. With that, all guests can be ensured to almost instant availability of guides and instructors for their chosen activity. As most of the island is closed to the public, guests expect to have an uncluttered, un-crowded haven of leisure.


Sheltered from disruptive swells, Gayana's sea top offers a gentle kayaking experience packed with loads of adventure.

An expert will be glad to show you the way, or become a mock-member of the hit show "Survivor" as you explore the tropical bays around you. After a satisfying escapade at the sea, rest at shore while we set up a scrumptious picnic for you at your chosen bay.

Jungle Trekking

Trek through our very own tropical rainforest boasting 40% of Malaysia's flora and fauna. Situated just next to our poolside restaurant, trekkers would enjoy a splendid two hour trail into the island's hidden treasures.

Along the way, allow our experienced local guide to point out our jungle's hidden secrets. As you pass through green wood paths, watch little butterflies flutter in a dance as you make your way to our look out point. From there, a breathtaking view of the islands and endless sea will hold you captivated, as you sip on refreshing bottles of water with compliments.

Impromptu trekking is of no worry. Allow us to provide you with your every need.


Guests who crave a variety of Eco -friendly activities are invited to other availabilities such as island hoping, canoeing, and day trips to the city. Guests can also explore other facets of Sabah through a variety of other activities including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Snorkeling
  • Underwater Fish Feeding
  • Fishing (Catch and release)
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Coral Planting
  • HornBill Beach excursion
  • Golf
  • Fish Market
  • Gaya Street Market
  • Shopping
  • Tour Of Kota Kinabalu
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